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40mm Composite Doors

abbiewg-camden-composite-doorsComposite Doors. The composite door range features a number of styles, colours and glazing options, and our commitment to security ensures all doors are fitted with only the highest quality locking mechanisms.


Strong and Durable
Using only the toughest materials and manufacturing techniques, the Camden Composite door is extremely robust, durable and long-lasting; ensuring your family are kept safe, and your home protected during harsh weather conditions. For enhanced security, Camden composite doors feature multi-point locking systems, and have received Secured by Design certification.


Shape and Form
Polyurethane Foam and GRP plastic, the materials used to form the composite door, ensures the door will retain its shape, will not rot or warp (unlike wooden doors which swell/shrink according to the weather), and will require only minimal maintenance.


New or Replacement
The Camden Composite door is fitted into a 60mm PVC outer frame (our more secure frame profile) ensuring your door is suitable for both new build and replacement projects.

Wood-grain effect
The Camden Composite door has been designed specifically to give a genuine wood-grain effect. This ensures that your composite door is virtually identical to a wooden door but without the hassle of repainting.


Colour Choice
Extensive colour choice, from traditional and elegant oak to modern and vibrant red. The colour is pre-set into the door skin, ensuring a genuine and lasting colour.


Decorative Glass Designs
The Impressions Composite Collection offers a vast range of traditional and modern decorative glass designs. All our designs are hand-crafted in our state-of-the-art glass design studio.


Energy Efficiency
In keeping with today’s need for sustainability, the Impressions composite door has excellent thermal properties, ensuring that waste energy is kept to a minimum and in turn helping to save money on your home heating bills.



  • Formed from our most secure 60mm frame.
  • Strong, durable and resistant, ensuring your home and family are kept safe and secure.
  • Will not rot or warp, unlike wooden door skins.
  • Can provide shelter and protection to your home during harsh weather conditions.
  • Extensive range of hand-crafted glass designs to suit your taste.
  • Stylish, elegant and an ideal entrance to your home.