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How To Combat Cylinder Snapping


For some time now the quickest and most cost effective solution to Lock Snapping is to upgrade basic euro cylinder locks to security enhanced Anti-Snap Cylinder locks, which have anti-snap cuts on both sides of the cylinder. With an Anti-Snap Cylinder, if unreasonable force is applied to one end of the cylinder, it only breaks away to the anti-snap line and leaves the locking mechanism still inside the door (see diagram). 


  • Anti – Snap
  • Anti – Pick
  • Anti – Drill
  • Anti – Bump
UAP anti snap cylinders have been put through the same tests as other band name lock cylinders but at a faction of the price. UAP gives the best value for money with it’s anti snap cylinders you can pay double for other cylinders but they’ve all gone through the same level of tests as the UAP anti snap cylinder
If you would like to know how to measure your old cylinder to get the right size for replacement please click here.
Abbie Windows & Glazing can also key alike any cylinders in house if customer requires. Please contact us and we will be happy to give you a quote for such an order.
If you require Abbie Windows & Glazing to install your new anti snap euro cylinders please contact us by phone our email, click here for our contact details. We will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible with a free quote


Euro Cylinder Lock Snapping Segment on BBC News (14.11.12)