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Windows Thermal Efficiency

abbiewg-Thermal-Efficiency-Inliten-ProductsThermal Efficiency Inliten products ensure a warmer living environment and reduced heating bill.

Over 20% of heat loss in the home occurs through old or outdated windows and doors, resulting in unnecessarily high home heating bills. Inliten windows and doors are thermally efficient by design; ensuring your home is kept warmer and in turn bringing down those expensive bills.
Low U-Values Whole window U-values measure the total heat loss through the window, therefore the lower the U-value the more thermally efficient the window. Inliten products offer U-values as low as 1.2 with double glazing and 0.8 with triple glazing. Whole window U-values consider a balance between heat loss (Uw), solar gain (G) and air leakage (L), whilst also taking into account other aspects of the window, for example: frame, spacer bar and reinforcement. Inliten frames and glass provide minimum heat loss, maximum solar gain and zero air leakage. 

Frames Inliten frames are designed with a number of internal chambers within the profile system. Each chamber acts as a barrier against heat loss from inside the home and against cold air coming in from outside. This innovative design ensures that the frame itself offers superior thermal efficiency; making it equally as important as the glazing unit.

Frames Inliten energy efficient glazing units feature high-performance Low E Soft Coat glass and warm edge spacer bar. Soft Coat maximises heat gain by retaining interior heat and absorbing solar heat. Warm edge spacer bar helps eliminate cold areas and reduce condensation. Inliten’s energy efficient frames and glazing units eliminate the need for other expensive aspects (such as Low Iron glass or Krypton gas), whilst still providing the same high levels of thermal performance and energy efficiency. All Inliten double glazed windows offer a 1.4 U-value as standard, which equates to a WER “A” rating. Upgrading to triple glazing can further reduce the U-value to as low as 0.8. By selecting Inliten windows, you could be reducing your home heating bills by up to 40%, thereby improving the overall energy performance of your home. All Inliten products are independently tested and certified, and exceed building regulation requirements for energy efficiency; which can be beneficial if renting or selling a property.